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de Veer Plumbing now offers customer financing through WiseTack!

We understand plumbing issues will come up at the wrong time and people may not have the funds on hand to cover the entire cost. At de Veer Plumbing we want to make sure our customers are satisfied with every step of our process, including payment options available. Because we know bigger projects or fixes can be expensive, we have been able to secure funds for our customers through a financing company called WiseTack, which partners with our HouseCallPro software. 

WiseTack makes the process of receiving funds quick and easy and they typically offer several payment plans and options to fit our customers' needs and budget. If financing is something you'd be interested in, ask our plumbers for more details! We will be able to send you a link via email, which you would fill out and send to WiseTack. There will be a soft pull on your credit and they would be able to assess your funding needs and give you options. This way you, the customer, can pay over time instead of one bigger payment upfront. 

Also, because we do offer financing, we are responsible and obligated to update our consumer financing materials that reflect updated interests rates we receive from WiseTack. That information can be found here: 

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